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If you are running paid ads campaign, we are the creative agency for you. Having spent MILLIONS of media dollars on Facebook and Instagram with our sister social media marketing company InnoSavv Media. We know what works for Facebook and Instagram ads at the back of our mind. If you are not doing A/B testing on your creative, you are not doing the ads set-up right. The secret recipe to run an ROI driven campaign doesn’t have to apply rocket science. It can be as simple as just creating 2 creatives to test run. Why do spilt test for your social media campaigns? The key is to understand which creatives your audience is more likely to engage with.

Social Media Advertising Campaign Design – Create For Growth.

Split Testing is Key.

What is split testing? Split testing also known as an A/B test is a marketing strategy where two variables (A and B) of a marketing campaign are experimented against each other to and determine which of the two variable is more effective. Over at The Next Comms, we take creative A/B testing seriously as this is one of the keys to your advertising campaign success.

How we can value add to your social media campaign success?

Creative – By comparing different ad images, text, or creative types. For example, you might have a video with an image carousel, or different ad text with the same image or video. You can send us a brief on what you are testing and our designer will provide different unlimited creative for your A/B testing at a monthly flat fee!

Split Test Ads Creative 1

Showing wireless router plan using lifestyle image. Cost per conversion $4.30.

Split Test Ads Creative 2

Showing Mesh wi-fi router plan using a router image. Cost per conversion $6.59.

Motivation-led Creative + Broad audiences = Growth!

At a certain point, business growth can be slow and stagnate. Here at The Next Comms, we follow Facebook design framework to create for Growth. The equation to success creative and performance success is Motivation-led Creative + Broad audiences = Growth!

Motivation-led creative:

We all buy things for different reasons and some of us need more a little more ‘push’ to convert into buying customer. In the age of mobile curation, relevancy helps us to convince better and lead to a faster purchase.

71% of Consumers Prefer Ads Targeted to Their Interests and Shopping Habits (Source: iab. Study 2014 https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Value-of-Targeted-Ads-to-Consumers2.pdf)

Going in search of a new audience can help inspire a new creative approach, launch a new product, or ultimately fight revenue plateau.

According to Facebook, here’s a few ways to think about uncovering new motivations:

  • Identify the things that prevent or motivate someone to enter your category or buy your product/service.
  • Map your messaging from barrier/motivator down to the call to action. These are the building blocks of your creative.
  • Layer on Creative Considerations for driving action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many advertising graphic design can I request?

Unlimited. Send in your design brief and our designer will work on it. Remember to prioritise your project so we can execute on what’s more urgent and important first.

How many revisions do I get?

Unlimited revisions till you are satisfied with the output. Make sure your revision brief is concise so our designer can expedite and deliver it on time.

Who is working on my project?

A dedicated social media advertising campaign manager and 2 designers will work on your account.

What is the turnaround time for graphic design work?

It will take 1-3 business day depending on the complexity of your design request.

Do you help me set up the campaign in my Facebook business Ad account manager?

No. We do not help to set up the campaign. At The Next Comms, we only provide graphic and motion design creative for your implementation and execution to your own business Ad account manager. If you need help on setting up the campaign, we recommend our sister company InnoSavv Media for a full campaign set up and strategy.

What detail should my design brief include?

For social media advertising to work well on Facebook/Instagram, you should always include offer message.

You should also include your brand guideline, preferred colours, reference design, text copy, dimension, usage and format you required. Be as clear as possible on your description so that we can understand and design better to meet your communication objectives.

Do I get the full copyrights to the design?

Yes! Once the design is complete, you own the full copyrights to the video. We will also send you the source file.

Is there a contract to sign?

No. We don’t have any contracts for you to sign. Our design services is delivered month to month for a flat monthly fee.

Price of Facebook and Instagram Advertising Graphic Design

At The Next Comms, we priced our social media ads design affordably. Check out our price plan here.

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