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Looking for creative and problem-solving video and motion graphic designers to help with your marketing communications? Consider our animated video and motion graphic design services. Motion graphic is the marriage of graphic design, animation and sound. It is the perfect way to capture attention and save on huge actual filming production cost.

What are the benefits of motion graphics also known as animated videos?

▶ It is fun, engaging and easy to consume.

▶ Low cost as compared to actual video filming and production.

▶ Can turn complex ideas into simple to understand visual animation.

▶ Emotional connection with your audience when it’s done right.

▶ Unlimited possibilities to illustrate your products/services in many different ways.

▶ You can create and post on social media consistently in 5s to 20s animated videos or Gifs.

What’s In It For You? Leverage On Our Expertise in Animated Videos Design.

Creative Animated Tailored Made For Your Marketing Communications.

Every business is different, here is why we customise different types of animated videos to suit your communication objectives. Here are some of the different type of animated video we do.

▶ Explainer videos: Used for showcasing your product, service or convey your brand story and marketing awareness message.

▶ Marketing and promotional videos: For your advertising campaign for lead generation and to drive sales.

▶ Tutorial videos: Step by step video guide to educate your target audience.

Festive greetings videos: Greet your target audience with captivating greeting posts.

We use Think, Feel and Do Frameworks Recommended By Facebook.

Think – Start with something that inspires your audience to think:

About the brand and product. What the campaign is communicating?

Feel – Create ideas with feeling:

Good creative can evoke an emotional. These ideas stand out by appealing to their emotions.

Do – Be clear about what they should do: Make sure your campaign encourages action

The action can be educational (e.g. ‘swipe up to learn more’) Encouraging them to learn an action (e.g. ‘click here to buy now’)

Animated Videos Made For Mobile.

The rise of mobile means that the consumer journey is now fragmented across devices and channels. Consumers discover new products and services on-the-go and according to Facebook, 81% of consumers purchase based on posts. Make your social media posting stand out and convert fans to buyers with our customised motion graphics design.

What is included in this service?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the animated video production design process like at The Next Comms?

Here is a quick overview of our process.
1. Understanding your brief and marketing objectives.
2. Storyboard/frames mockups
3. Adding animation and transition effects.
4. Revisions
5. Delivery

What do I need to prepare?

Adding motion to stills require many images to form a complete animated video. You will need to send brand identity (logo and brand colours etc) all the images, or snippets of video footages for us to combine and produce a mixed motion graphics. You will also need to send us your video objectives and brief idea for us to get started.

How long is your animated video?

We recommend your video duration between 5 seconds to 3mins for easy to consume on-the-go mobile-first animated video. For Facebook and Instagram video advertising, we recommend 15-20 seconds for optimal conversion.

How many revisions do I get?

Unlimited revisions till you are satisfied with the output during the mock-ups stage. Once mockups are approved, we will animate it in production stage. In the production stage, it comes with as many revisions as necessary to make sure the final video output is good.

What is the turnaround time for an animated video?

It will depend on the scope of your animated video project. For a simple 20 seconds animated video, we can deliver in 1-3 working days. Talk to us, and we can quote and propose you a more accurate timeline for your project.

Do you help me set up the campaign in my Facebook business Ad account manager?

No. We do not help to set up the campaign. At The Next Comms, we only provide graphic and motion design creative for your implementation and execution to your own business Ad account manager. If you need help on setting up the campaign, we recommend our sister company InnoSavv Media for a full campaign set up and strategy.

Is there a contract to sign?

No. We don’t have any contracts for you to sign. Our design services is delivered month to month for a flat monthly fee.

How do I stop your service?

Just write in to info@thenextcomms.com before your next monthly payment.

Price of Animated Videos

At The Next Comms, we priced our Animated Videos design affordably. Check out our price plan here.

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