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Facebook and Instagram news feed for your business is about to get interesting. From static image to Gifs to animated video content, you can get creative and drive engagement to your followers the way you want it. It’s free to post any content on your Facebook page or Instagram account but are you getting enough visual content to drive engagement and reach on the post?

Benefits of organic posting:

  • Awareness of your product/services.
  • Educate your followers on your products/services.
  • Drive sales by building sequential posting. E.g. teaser for new launch, register interest when it launch, introduce fist-mover pricing, bundle deals etc.
  • Reach new target audience.
  • Create poll to know your audience better and maintain interest.
  • Share seasonal greetings post with your followers – because not all post are to be products/services related.
  • Like, share and comment contest to drive hype and reward your customer.
  • Showcase of recent portfolio or customer reviews to build trust and credibility.

Motion graphic is the marriage of graphic design, animation and sound. It is the perfect way to capture attention and save on huge actual filming production cost.

What are the benefits of motion graphics also known as animated videos?

  • It is fun, engaging and easy to consume.
  • Low cost compares to actual video filming and production.
  • Can turn complex ideas into simple to understand visual animation.
  • Emotional connection with your audience when it’s done right.
  • Unlimited possibilities to illustrate your products/services in many different ways.
  • You can create and post on social media consistently in 5s to 20s animated videos or Gifs.

What Is Included In Our Social Media Graphics Design Services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How animation can improve my visuals?

Animation makes it easy to tell a story or illustrate your message more effectively and within a shorter amount of time. It improves content performance and helps attract wider audiences to your social media pages. Audience has an easier time consuming information in this simple form.

How much does it cost to create animations in Crello?

Crello is free to try – Square Video Post format is free to customize and download with “Created in Crello” label. The remaining animated formats, as well as video upload and stock video library are available to PRO subscribers for $9.99/mo or $99.99/year. Read about Crello plans.

Can i download animations in GIF?

You can only download animated designs as .mp4 files. You can quickly convert them to a .gif file with a third party tools though!

Price of Social Media Ads Design

At The Next Comms, we priced our social media ads design affordably. Check out our price plan here.

Looking for a customized plan? Chat with us before you commit anything.

Communicate. Let’s talk about the job scope and an account manager will be in touch with you to understand the brief and recommend you the best plan and quote we can provide. It will be a 30mins call or we can liaise over WhatsApp.

First payment. Our finance will proceed to invoice once the contract is signed. Designer will start work and you can review the work as agreed. It will be the same as the subsequent month.

Repeat. We will repeat the process every 3 months, as long as you see fit and adjust if there are any changes along the way.

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